Director of Graduate Medical Education

Job Summary- In partnership with the Hospital DIO, the Hospital Administrative Director of Graduate Medical Education (Hospital ADME) is responsible for maintaining oversight of the accreditation process for each individual specialty program as well as the institutional accreditation for programs in their specific hospital. The Hospital ADME will work on a specific campus and reports directly to the DIO of the hospital with additional responsibility to the Division Administrative Director of Medical Education and the Division VP of GME (if those positions exists) or to the corporate GME office if Division GME leaders are not in place. The role exists to direct the administrative operations and maintain appropriate oversight and daily management of all medical education programs which may also include undergraduate medical education within the institution. Program compliance with accrediting and regulatory agencies is critical to the success of the program(s). The Hospital ADME will make formal recommendations for improvement based on accreditation requirements for both the institutional and program accreditation. The ADME will assist and guide initiatives as directed by the DIO, Division or Corporate Leadership to open new residency programs.

Top “must-have” skills for this job – 1. Min 3 years of graduate education experience 2. Min 3 years of experience in a healthcare setting preferably graduate medical education 3. Bachelor’s degree; master’s degree preferred

Director of Graduate Medical Education Riverside, CA


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